Consultancy & Thought Leadership

Ramaa is a natural coach, consultant and adviser. She has been supporting leaders for over a decade whether advising on change, new digital strategies, social trends/tools, improving digital performance, of cultural intelligence and diversity. See CV.

Ramaa’s approach has always been to meet her clients ‘where they are’ and formulate a bespoke process that works for them. The areas she provides consultancy and thought leadership on include:   

Digital & Social media performance & strategy

- supporting teams perform digitally and devising creative social media campaigns 
Large scale digital transformation 

-supporting leaders to devise and implement large scale change projects - digital or otherwise with tried and tested approaches to bringing staff along with leader’s vision and message.

Culture change

- helping to devise and implement strategies to improve morale and performance in the organisation.

Diversity & Inclusion  

-supporting leaders and teams create high performing inclusive organisations
-supporting leaders to lead authentically and inclusively
-supporting media leaders create impactful inclusive journalism

ARTICLE : What are the qualities of an inclusive editor, and why it matters - WAN IFRA


  1. Ascertain the needs of the client 
  2. Devise an approach
  3. Present opportunites for Boards & Senior Teams to learn and co-design a new plan 
  4. Facilitate a follow up/accountability plan 
  5. Coaching 1-1 
  6. Results & reflections 
A tried and tested approach

Currently, Ramaa is working with her colleague Stephane Mayoux to deliver D&I consultancy in this manner for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The Bureau aspires to demonstrate a truly diverse and inclusive newsroom.

Ramaa has also adopted this approach with the BBC’s News Board and BBC Senior Operations team.  In addition, she also also worked with the board of a Leadership Development company called Fields of learning.

Lastly, Ramaa has also provided D&I advisory to Cogency a new Web 3 company - piloting new Block chain technologies for Media use. 

Developing other Coaches & Consultants through CIPD & Webinars

Last autumn,  Ramaa presented a webinar with the esteemed Dr Charlotte Sills on Race & Coaching. A CIPD event for Coaches hosted by Ashridge Hult Executive Centre.  

Previously she has designed and delivered a day long CIPD event with a colleague on Race & Belonging for Coaches - hosted by Fields of Learning. 

In 2022 Ramaa was a Speaker and Jury Member for  WAN IFRA. Offering insights in Inclusive leadership to an international cohort of media professionals. She also judged entries to the WAN IFRA Digital Media Awards.